2 in 1

A guy calls customer service hotline. The conversation begins:

SALES REPRESENTATIVE: Good day, sir. How can I help you?

GUY: I wish to inquire about your product, the fastest killing roach spray ever…

SR: Yes, what is your question, sir?

G: I was wondering why you added the scent to the spray… You see, I got the red and blue spray, and on the red one it says outdoor fresh scent and on the blue one the scent is not mentioned, but they smell the same… and this fresh scent is killing every other smell in my house, and all I wanted was to kill roaches…

SR: Beside being the most efficient roach killer, our sprays will also freshen up your home. Don’t you love to get two things in one, sir? And to get it for the price of just one thing?

G: Actually, no. I don’t like this fresh scent. It always reminds me that I’ve seen a roach recently and used the roach spray to kill it. I don’t like to be reminded of seeing roaches around. I want them out of my life. To freshen up my room I prefer to use evaporating oils, incenses or candles, not a freaking roach spray! I mean, really, why would you put that scent in there anyways? And this time I want the truth, not your sales tricks.

SR: All right, but you might regret knowing this. You see, roaches are such stinky little bastards, so we had to develop something even stinkier that would kill them. However, this roach killing liquid that we developed smells so bad that it would kill us humans too, and I must say that we are far less tolerant for bad smells than roaches. That is why we had to use a scent strong enough to cover up the real smell of the roach spray. It is not much different from what meat industry does: they put so many spices to cover up the taste of bone fragments, and all of the other junk that ends up in hot dogs and other processed meat products. Are you happy now that you know whole truth, sir?

G: To hell with you and your product. I’m switching to roach powder and real meat. And I’ll stick with evaporating oils to freshen up my home. Good bye!


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