Girl Model

Finally, I returned to gaming content creation. The idea here is to create fully rigged model that includes bones for facial animation, import it into UnrealEd and compile a mesh and animation package. The polycount is a bit higher then current UT2004 models, because I want something that will meet the standards of UT2007, which will be released next year. The polycount is around 4100 triangles, and I will also generate normal map to work with UT2007 dynamic lighting system. I got an idea for the game mod, or different game altogether, but I’ll post that after I put some more thought and research into the concept development. It would be nice if Epic Games and nVidia would organize Make Something Unreal contest again for the upcoming edition of this game, now that I started working on something way ahead, eh =] Anyhow, this model is more an exercise than actual model to be used in a game, since I’m going along with a book “Game Character Development with Maya” by Anthony Ward, however, I did deviate from design used in a book quite a bit.

So, here she is:



Hopefully, there will be lots more to come in gaming category, since I want to try my luck in gaming industry, and I’ll need some more pieces for my portfolio. Now I’ll get to laying out UVs, and then to the fun part: painting textures.


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