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Hi Bojana,

I went home and thought some more about our story in progress, and I realized something. Remember how we said that it might not make any sense that the character would sell his soul in the first place? Well, perhaps what we are missing is his point of no return. Basically, like in any classic story, we need something to happen so that he cannot go back to the way he was/is. So maybe the Duende commercial should come after he sees the devil’s informercial, or maybe some author gets published because of this marvel of technology sending him in a rage. Something that finally convinces him to call the number he has.




  1. Oh wow, that’s great idea: an author gets published because he used Duende! And our character will have to figure it out somehow on his own, because that fact probably won’t be in the news. Anyhow, that’s still a brilliant idea. He hates Duende and believes that such device can’t aid anyone’s creativity and thus should not be used in creative work, aside from being for him almost unacceptable for what its primary use is.

    I was thinking a lot as well, and while I was filling out character sheet, I got some of questions that still need answers. For example, we need a good reason for him to be interested in writing children’s prose. Did he have a child who has passed away? Or maybe he wants to somehow get back to his own childhood. I wrote down that his childhood was fairly easy for him and that he has a lot of good memories. I also think it would be good to have an idea of what his writing is about, and to have some controversial issue that might make some conservative parties find in his work something between the lines which they think corrupts the youth. Maybe they see in it a hidden message or something that alludes to sex. And maybe not even our character knows that thing is there and that it could be understood that way. Oh, even better, maybe they used Duende to detect that “corruptive” aspect of his writing, and Duende translated it all wrong!

    OK, let me post the synopsis – I didn’t try to make it all neat, because we’ll be surely rewriting it and adding and substracting stuff as we go. But at least we got the basis, which is big step forward, methinks.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention this, but I just watched an episode of X-Files (ah you see how summer can get boring at some point), and it is called “The Musing of Cigarette Smoking Man” – dunno if you ever watched “Exu Firu” ^_^ but don’t really matter. So this Cigarette Smoiking Man is the man from the shadow knows all the secrets and is behing all big conspiracies, and he writes a story about what actually happen, but is so unbelievable that everyone would think it’s a fiction – it’s about killing of an alien that was rescued from the space craft… And so the publisher calls him and tells him that his work will be published in the next issue of the magazine. This excites him so much that he is ready to resign and leave all his previous work and just write for the rest of his life, and he is of course really happy at this point. He gets the magazine and sees that his story is indeed there, but as he reads through he realizes that the ending has been changed. This completely crushes him and he sits down on a bench and sees a homeless guy finding a chocolate box in the trash… and he then has a little soliloquy, in which he compares life with a box of chocolate…

    So, anyways, this just reminded me of our character and thought it was inspiring in a way.

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