She’s got some colors!

Well, well… Here’s some work in progress on this girl model. I just finished painting the textures and doing some additional tweaks to the geometry – I could really spend a lot of time tweaking to death, but I decided to move forward. Perhaps I’ll go back to add some more details on the textures, but for now here she is:


I had the most fun with the All * Star shoes. For my next model, I’ll probably try out something more fancy and fantastic, because all the models I made so far are pretty much just regular people, maybe a bit stylized, but nothing fancy after all. Or maybe I’ll make a soldier. Yeah, that might be the case, because I’m hooked on Call of Duty, and now I’m even getting scared of somebody around opening a soda can – oh wait, it’s a granade, rruuuunnnn!!! =]


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