Faust is back!

After another period of leaving this project to rest in pieces, I’m reviving it yet again, this time with some concept sketches. I figured I should fine-tune the story, figure out all the details, and as I go along, try to design secondary characters. My bet is not to go with over 8–10 characters, because the production will seriously take way too long.

The reason why I stopped working on this project was simply because I got stuck with the intro scene, which I now decided to totally take out. Oh well, what can you do…

The intro scene, for those who had no clue what this project is about, consisted of a long shot in which camera passes by many symbolic representations of specific historical era, starting with cave, passing by Stonehenge, pyramids, Greek and Roman buildings, medieval castle, factories and all the way through shopping mall and into our character’s house. I simply didn’t like the way the intro looked. I did it first time for school project, and it was textured, lit and rendered. Then, I didn’t like the shading results: it was semi-realistic rendering that would have looked better if I spent time with global illumination or at least final gather, but I didn’t have that time, since I had to present the rendered version as final in one of my classes. First part of it can be seen on my reel and I’m sure I’ll take it out as soon as I render out something new. And afterwards, I just didn’t like what that scene looked like. Then, I experimented some more with toon shading and have gotten some results that looked decent. Some of those are placed in 3D portfolio. I got stuck with building a shopping mall… Why? It’s not that it had too much work, it’s just that I wasn’t sure I wanted to include it in the intro scene, because there was no way for me to fill it up with characters, and deserted mall would give wrong impression, not what I actually wanted to say. Finally, I decided to completely take out intro scene, which will now allow me to move forward, especially since Joice and me got most of the story figured out. Now I’m all excited about working on this project and will not give up so easily! I promise!!

OK, that’s enough. Here is the color study of what I hope to be a shot in the second scene, right after the title, and with credits still showing up: our character will walk to the city, passing by a wall with barbed wire fence, which will early on suggest how isolated and alienated he is. It’s not Marxist-like isolation, it’s more of a Steppenwolf kind of loneliness in a world that looks just like it’s made for somebody else, or everyone but himself. I’m trying to use colors expressively, and thus I kept the character in warm colors, while the wall and the city are in colder shades. Here it is:


The shot will be more detailed, though I’m sure I won’t be modeling all these buildings! Well, maybe just the front ones. I also think I’ll stick with mad professor kind of haircut, cause it gives our character distinct silhouette and he will be instantly recognizable, even if we don’t see his face. I also imagined on everyone’s clothing to be some colorful pattern, for example, a pattern on his tie or scarf.

That’s it for now, I’ll post more sketches later, as I scan and color them.


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