Fogmann v3.0!

I got no clue how I decided to redo the site again, less then a year after creating v2.0. Actually, the main reason I decided to do this is FogLog – this page, as I didn’t quite like how it looked and how it was hidden behind WIP link. FogLog deserved to be the front page, because it has more regular updates than any other page within my site. And so here it is!

And after much rebuilding and redoing, I finally applied two templates to all (or most) of the pages, so that now the design changes are much easier to achieve – I only need to modify the WordPress theme and update two template pages and voila! – whole has a new look. I get bored with same look and feel and like to implement changes occasionally. Right now, the grungy fuzzy look of v2.0 is replaced by organized, clean and crisp layout of v3.0, but v3.1 might be coming soon, now that the changes are so easy to make. At any rate, I’ll be modifying current look, as I’m not quite pleased with it. Oh, and I got a new logo! I created it some time ago, and I guess the reason I didn’t put it up until now is that fogmann v2.0 was hard to change without modifying dozens of pages by hand – yikes! Anyhow, my favorite was v1.0, which was really minimalist, but I decided to get rid of it, because some friends told me it was a bit too abstract and visitors might have trouble finding links, so now I have links at the top and at the bottom, and don’t you dare to get lost! ;-)


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