I Love You

Although I haven’t posted anything on this topic, I’ll just briefly explain what’s the deal with this project, and eventually post about the project experience. I love you, also known as Mary and Howard is a project I’m working on with one and only Joice Ozaki, and its production sort of stalled in past few months, as we’re both getting busy with other things, but it’s not forgotten, and will definitelly get completed, hopefully not too long from now.

The animation will have a look of cutout, since it is based on a six page cutout book by Joice. The characters and most of the background are, however, created in 3D, or Maya, to be more precise. The characters and environment are fairly simple, and cartoony. I promise to post some rendered images as soon as I update the rest of my website and pick the images I want to show to the rest of the world.

Geez, I just noticed that I have done it again – that is, made promise about work that needs to be done, as so many people do in their posts. I’m sure occassional visitor doesn’t care much about promises, only what’s there to see, and thus I promise not to do it again! ;)


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