Morthor is done, Alice is under construction

Morthor is done and ready to be taken care of by rigger/animator, and I am uncertain when such person will appear, since Pandaemonium leader hadn’t had a chance to find one yet. Not too many people like XSI, no? As for me, I switched to Max. Heh, it’s not what you think, I just need to get fast with it again, and it’s going pretty well. But still…
Anyway… Here is how Alice is coming along:
Alice progress
Nothing much yet, but check the Alice thread on Pandaemonium forums for more updates. Per team leader’s request, I’ll be posting progress on CG Chat or Talk, and I’ll add that link as well, so stay tuned.


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  1. Got to love when nobody leaves comments on my site :( Well, here, I’ll leave a comment. Mainly, I just want to add that Alice is now complete, geometry-wise. The UVs are mapped, and I’m about to start building the high-resolution geometry that will be used for normal map. I’ll post another entry when I get some snapshots, so stay tuned, it’s coming!

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