Morthor is coming along pretty well, I must say. The texturing job is now complete, and there is also a high resolution version done in ZBrush, which is used for generation of normal maps. I can’t really show textured high-resolution version until I generate it as sub-d mesh in Maya, because ZBrush only supports one texture per model, and Morthor has two. Aside from color and normal maps, he also has a greyscale specular map.

In the past two days I was mostly working on creating the rig for Morthor, although that rig won’t be used for creating in-game animations, since I’m not sure if there is a way to export characters and their animations from Maya to be used with Source engine. If it is at all possible (and my only doubt about it is in regards to blendshapes, since XSI and Maya work a bit differently with them, and Half Life 2 works with XSI’s way, which uses clusters), I hope there is a tutorial that explains how this is done, and I hope to find it! Anyhow, this Maya version of Morthor will be used for creating some short animations for trailer, if nothing else. Besides, I’m just going through the excellent Art of Rigging book and I need to practice creating rigs, nothing wrong with that, right?

So, without further ado, here’s the render compilation of Morhtor, as posted on ModDB in Pandaemonium gallery:
Morthor Render Compilation


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