Alice is coming along…

Here is a little update on the crazy Alice. I’m done with UVW Unwrap, and I’ve went on to building high resolution mesh to be used for generating normal maps. I’m working on body part by body part, since there are some overlaps of geometry (such as on hands and legs and hair) so I am pretty sure I’ll have to get normal maps calculated on each part separately, and then just combine the maps into two normal map textures.

I can’t upload anything new right now, because my computer is down (need to return the motherboard and hopefully get a new one soon), but here are some pics that I’ve posted in Pandaemonium forums.
First, the finished low resolution model:
Alice, front

And from the back:
Alice, back

Finally, a WIP of high resolution shoe:
Alice's Shoe

The shoe is not quite done, there’s a missing piece in a buckle, and I will add some more detail on higher subdivision levels, but that’s about where I’m heading. I really like modeling and texturing shoes, shoes are so great!


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