Color composition of Howard

Our little characters, Mary and Howard, aside from giving us headache with their sometimes unpredictable FBIK rigs, are coming along quite well. If you have looked at this project’s production journal, you might have noticed that they didn’t have eyebrows! Well, now they do. I also had to trim Howie’s eyeleshes, because he was looking way too feminine for such an evil character.

On this occassion I just wanted to show two images of Howard that I thought turned out alright. As you will notice, outlines are not all that great: I was experimenting with mental ray outlines too, and they don’t look that much better from Maya’s new PFX Toon Outlines. If we were going for a messy look, it would be alright, but I was hoping to get clean, even outlines, and that didn’t work out… yet.
And the renders:

Howard 01


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P.S. The new WordPress is awesome, I can even view and resize images in this post editing window!


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