Imperator Aquadon III

If you were wondering where I was, and what is going on after Pandaemonium went down, then you should know: I’ve gone to war! Yeah, out of the blue, I decided to finally join one of the CG challenges, and this is a big one – Dominance War CGChat vs. Polycount. The goal is to create a general from thousand years from now, who will take his militant unit straight to victory. The budget is 5000 tris, and a 1024 square texture (or smaller ones that fit into it, like 4×512), and we can have all the map goodies, such as normal, specular, glow and alpha. I’m still very excited about this project, and I’m working on my character every day, although I didn’t get as far ahead as I would like. So let me start off with the concept:

Aquadon III

The idea came about as I was visiting some photography forums and ran onto a bunch of really cool fish photos. The fishes can be so colorful and interesting to look at, just like butterflies. And so I knew I wanted to use this colorful pattern on my character’s skin. It made sense to have a man-fish crossbreed – genetics could create lots of wonders, and if global warming melts all the ice from the poles and if there’s another big flood, maybe man will need to adapt to water some more. I started sketching the general, but I wasn’t happy how he looked. Then I made a lady general – it was even worse. I scribbled some more, and finally came back to my first drawing, reshaped the body a great deal, and started painting it. When I painter the head and thought the fish pattern on its skin looked kind of cool, I knew I would finish up the painting and make this general. And so Aquadon came about.

The aspects of the design I’m focusing my attention the most are the flow of the lines and ergonomics. When I think of future, I can’t help but imagine an all-purpose uniform that is bullet-proof, that has a little computer inside, a cell phone, camera, lights, and all the little things that the general might need to help him lead his army to victory. In addition, all these goodies are built into the gear while the gear still looks very stylish, and is very comfortable. And, since my general is fighting in and around the big seas, he has a hovering board which can take him through the water easily (so he doesn’t have to swim, it just gives him a nice boost), and it can also take him above the ground (not to the great heights, though). And since his feet are attached to it (he has a button he can press to detach himself from the board), he can do crazy flips and stunts with it, navigate between the trees at great speeds, and all that very quietly, since this new technology of hovering vehicles is built around the idea of quiet, non-poluting motors that use hydrogen from the air or water as a fuel. Or something like that, anyways.
I won’t be posting every single progress image here, because I’m posting progress (hopefully daily) on PolyCount and if you’re interested, go there and check it out. I’ll just post what I got so far. Click below to see the full version.

Gun Concept Low Poly Hi Res Gun

I’m currently working on building medium resolution mesh that will eventually end up in ZBrush, and I’m about done only with pants and boots – so much is left to do, and I’m figuring this out as I’m going, which results in some trial and error redoings, but that’s a good way to learn and therefore I won’t complain. I also did more drawings recently, I really need to work on my drawing skills, and this was a good excercise.


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