Jake Bower

Another model for Pandaemonium is complete! Complete? Well, not exactly, but at least modeling and texturing is done… more or less. Still missing is normal map – I didn’t build high resolution for the fatty guy, simply because he is so flat and simple that I wouldn’t know what details I could add in high resolution, aside from belt buckle and cloth folds, and probably fine wrinkles around eyes and on forehead. My hopes are to generate normal map from the texture, which will require some adjustments, but shouldn’t be hard to accomplish.

But let me say a few words about Mr. Jake Bower. He is a police chief and aside from quickly appearing in one mission to give Morthor backup that consists of police officers, I’m not quite sure what else he will be doing in the world of Pandaemonium. However, here is what design doc says about him:

“In a city like Abbadon, even the official police sometimes have problems that are murky, to say the least, and need to be ‘solved’ outside of the law, which in turn requires outside assistance.

At first sight, Jake looks like your typical police officer working from behind a task: a little overweight, a little too old. Rumour has it, however, that he’s an excellent marksman and tactician, so the confidence he carries that extra weight with, may be based in reality.”

Well, I’m not quite sure if we are dealing with corruption here, or just inability to solve the city problems which in turn requires illegal action… but at least to me Jake Bower looks quite respectable, with that surprised gaze he has. Heh, yeah, hopefully a facial rig will fix that stare and make him look more sinister, with lowered eyebrows and perhaps a one sided smile.

I decided to discontinue work on Pandaemonium, but I have no intentions to explain my reasons here. This is production journal, after all. I said all I had to say in our forums, and I’ll say no more.

And finally, if you are here to see the progress, sorry for keeping you wait so long:
Render Compilation of Jake Bower

And here is the texture – you can also see the full 2048×2048 version, just click below.
Jake Bower Texture

Finally, here is Jake Bower concept by BiNoChEd:
Jake Bower Concept

[edit] I have fixed Bower’s texture, now he’s not so yellow and has more fleshy face. I’ve also created specular map. I still don’t see much need for normal map though. Anyhow, check him out! [/edit]


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