Another month, another comp: this time CGChat comp #32, with theme: Pirate vs Ninja vs Viking vs Cowboy vs Samurai. I chose pirate and here’s how it turned out:

Winning pose:
Winning pose

For the rest of images, there is a larger version, click to view.
Beauty shot:



And finally, concept sketches:

And that’s it for this comp, and maybe for characters for some time, since I will be mostly focusing on environments as I build more map objects for Shadowing Hate mod that I’m working on. Ah, and I promise not to be so lazy when it comes to updating this site. There will be lots of new stuff going on with Fogmann, including new demoreel and new portfolio site, and I’m not sure what of the current site will remain, but most likely there will be Fogmann v4.0 in a month or two.


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