DemoReel 2006 is up!

Yay, at last it’s in place. Here, take a look. I’ve been struggling for a bit today to figure out in which format I shall render the reel, and which size. All the previous videos I had up (sorry, they are unavailable at the moment, since I haven’t gotten around to moving the content from the rest of the site to over here) – all were with tiny 320×240 dimensions, 24 fps frame rate, and yet all of them were bigger than 10mb – not huge, but not tiny either. And today I feel like I’ve just discovered a miracle: Flash Video! Yes, it requires Flash Player 8, but it is supposed to ask users to download this player if they don’t have it, which I didn’t check out, but hope it works. Besides, I rendered at full resolution and full NTSC (29.97) frame rate – and guess how big the file is? 20.7mb! And it progressively downloads, so that on broadband, aside from 2 seconds at the beginning, there is no other wait time, it just downloads the whole thing as it plays through. And the quality is just great. There are still a few artifacts of compression, but it still looks very crisp and clean, especially the wireframes and text. The sky in Aquadon’s last turnaround is a bit messy, but aside from that I don’t have any major complaints. In addition, I don’t have to worry about the darn codecs anymore. But enough with praises for FLV format, I’m sure many people have realized what are its benefits and it comes at no surprise that YouTube is so popular.


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