New Portfolio Site

It is hard to believe that I had so much energy to redesign my websites yet again. But I did it. As you can see, FogLog also has a new look that matches new portfolio layout, and I’m currently working on moving the rest of content from the main site over here, to be included in FogLog, which will let me implement any future changes to the design really quickly by only creating the template once. Last time I made the rest of the site look like FogLog, and now I’m making FogLog look like portfolio site. Nevertheless, there will be still two separate sites, FogLog (with the rest) and Portfolio, which is clear now when you go straigt to

DemoReel 2006 is almost ready. Some minor tweaks to timing and a few other fixes still need to be done, but that won’t take long. In addition, I’d like to include some ingame footage – I figured I’d have to put together a decent Quake 4 map in which I could show my models and textures, and that might take a while. But, if nothing else, I’ll put the demoreel up within a day or two, and add the ingame footage later. That seems like a good plan.

Please note that I disabled comments by unregistered users, because I got tired of moderating spam comments, but if you got something to say, please register – it’s free and painless.

And some unrelated news: I finally left Richmond and moved back to Northern Virginia. Moving out and in took a while, not to mention that I was without a computer in Richmond for about five days, since my dear computer was lucky enough to fit into the van as it was making its first tour (oh yeah, there were three tours, and I’ve learned something: never get too much stuff!).


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