Pipe Wall

Since I was busy fixing up my demo and folio site, I didn’t get to post progress on my last stuff for Shadowing hate, so there it goes:

Pipewall ambient

This is a high resolution mesh of a wall texture that I’ve created in Maya. Don’t pay attention to the white stripe that connects the two panels on the above image, since the panels weren’t connected when the Ambient Occlusion was calculated. I actually didn’t get to using AO map, because I didn’t manage to transfer it from high to low poly mesh in Maya, but I’ll try again with different baking settings. What I did manage to do (and I might document that in form of mini tutorial) is to bake in procedural textures that I’ve created for various parts of this wall, and bake a color map based on different materials contained in the panel, that served me to create hit image map – an image whose colors tell the game engine what material properties a particular part of the texture is made of, and therefore, for example, if you shoot on the wires, the little sparks will come out. This is because the wires are market as electronics on hit image map.

Here is the render from Max that has diffuse, specular, normal and height maps applied to a plane:

Pipe Wall Render

The texture wasn’t quite done at that point, although I was thinking of leaving it at what I had, and add additional detail with decals, since if I were to add some more dirt, that dirt would repeat along with the texture, and wouldn’t look too good.


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