Town Hall

I wanted to do this for quite a while – to recreate downtown of Zrenjanin in 3D! In first few years of living in the States, I had severe symptoms of nostalgia and although those symptoms are gone now, I’d still like to create this place, since my hometown is one of the rare places I’m emotionally attached to. I can’t be very accurate, though, because most of the reference images I gathered are not very large or very numerous, and my memory of the place is fading away. Therefore, some improvisation will be necessary. As a main reference I will be using a couple of photographs that can be found in Wikipedia’s entry about Zrenjanin, as well as some other images I have in my archive.

The goal is to create the entire City Hall building, some elements from the main square, and have two versions of assets: one optimized for minimal use of static meshes that will be ported to Quake 4 (and I hope some of these assets will be of good use for Shadowing Hate multiplayer map), and a higher polycount and texture resolution version to be used for creation of Unreal Tournament 2007 CTF map. I hope that in UT2k7 the 135/35 LGI CTF will be revived as great as ever, and that some server will host this map – I can already imagine how great that will be.

Without further ado, here’s what I got so far:

This is AO bake on the high resolution mesh. I’ve already transfered the AO map to low poly model and created normal map, but I did some modification and need to redo part of the texture, so expect some updates really soon. Until then, here’s a detail:

Just to note that modeling the head took me about two hours. It’s done in subDs and there was no ZBrush sculpting, because I don’t really need extra fine detail, since this is a small ornament and the texture map for it probably won’t be bigger than 256×256.


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