A Guitar Hero!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was planning to start working on my entry for Polycount comp: Guitar Hero, and now I’m just buzzing in to report some progress I made today. I chose to do Eddie Hazel, the guitarist of Funkadelic + Parliaments. However, I ended up with cartoony character, because I figured it would be fun to exaggerate the proportions and get even funkier look. I couldn’t really find many reference images of Mr. Hazel, but I did find a couple of videos and in most of them he wears a hat: that made me keep the hat and ditch the afro, and stay more true to the person I picked. And here is my Polycount thread.
I scribbled this little sketch:

And then I’ve put together this model in under 2 hours:

The model is sitting at 1208 tris at the moment, and the limit is 2000. However, I’ve yet to build a guitar, and also hair and some alpha planes, such as the one for glittering eagle on the belt.


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    Eddie Hazel is the best guitarist ever in my opinion.Not only that but he had one of the most soulful voices too.
    Your work is amazing.I just sent Eddie Hazel’s widow Brenda your link so she can see this amazing art
    check my Eddie Hazel influenced music at http://myspace.com/taki76
    I did a cover of Maggot Brain acoustic

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