Town Hall – continued

I’ve been making some progress with Town Hall, and here is what I’ve got so far (click for larger version):

There is one huge texture (2048×2048) for the walls, and then there are a couple smaller ones for the door and stairs. I’m going with high detail, because I am not quite sure what would be the good specs for UT2007, and since I want to eventually turn this into a CTF map, I think I’m safer with larger textures.

I’m especially happy how the stairs turned out. I created normal and cavity map with ZMapper, and transfered the normal map to low poly model also in ZMapper, but then I had to transfer cavity map from medium poly model to low poly back in Maya, since ZMapper only projects normal map to models with different topology. But that worked out fine. The center of the steps I’ve made really smooth, since hundreds and hundreds of feet step on it every day, leaving the surface very polished, while the sides still have some original stone texture. Here is the detail:

Of course, it would look much better if I took the time to set up proper lighting, but this is still a WIP so I’d prefer not to spend too much time producing pretty renders at this point. I’m also not quite done with textures: door and window textures need some loving, as well as specular map, and I’ll do that next. I will make a little digression though and do a quick model for a comp over at Polycount.
Flats and wires coming soon.


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