Town Hall, new render

Here is a small update on Town Hall: I’ve added specular maps for the doors, increased the brightness of the light, and enabled shadows – not much, but the render came out much better this time around. However, the textures are not quite there yet. Specifically, I’d like to make the door more weathered, because it looks too clean compared to the walls. The specular textures also need some tweaks. I honestly can’t wait for UT 2007 to come out, so that I can see what this will look like in the game.

Also, I’d like to note that the scene currently has 2293 triangles. Some of these triangles went to interior side, for example, the windows have knobs on the inside, because they would be placed in rooms accessible to the player. The outer side of the window panes will have environment map, hopefully with a mask, to exclude the dirt and paint from being reflective, and from the interior a player will be able to look outside through the dirty glass. I hope that there would be a way to make a player that is looking through the glass at least partly visible from the outside, because I wouldn’t like to turn this map into camper’s heaven. Anyways, here’s the render (click for larger version):

And here are the textures for the stairs:


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