A Landscaping Project, WIP 01

Few days ago I was given a job to create a graphic presentation of a landscaping project that is to take place in the front yard of a townhouse. I started by recreating a house with the front yard in SketchUp, and here is what I have so far:

Frieden's Residence, SketchUp

Now, while it may serve the purpose of showing the clients what the placement of the plants to be planted in the front yart, I think the presentation would not be the best posible, since there are certain limitation imposed by SketchUp – mainly, its inability to handle high poly objects, and the simple trees and shrubs that come with landscape architecture component pack just don’t seem very suitable, since they are very simplistic. Therefore, I’ve decided to import the model into Maya, and use different ways to populate the yard with foliage, including Paint Effects, as well as more simple, alpha mapped planes. I am sure this will look much better and will be able to give clearer idea on what the finished landscape will look like. I will post more about this as I make some more progress.


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