After winning the Polycount challenge #26 (YAY!) and struggling with my Town Hall, I took some time off the computer, and just spent time reading and watching movies. But now I’m back, and I’m bringing something new! This is yet another high poly head that I’ve put together, but it’s not quite there yet.

Bogart Wip 01
It took me a handful of crashes and out of memory warnings to realize that sculpting all the details on very high poly model is quite inefficient. So what I did instead was add a high resolution (4096×4096) bump map, and a bump viewer material in ZBrush, to add all the fine details, such as wrinkles (the forehead wrinkles are large enough, so they are sculpted for the most part), pores and hair. The bump map on a half million poly mesh for the head looks pretty good. I think I’ll tone down pores somewhat, the face is looking too bumpy, but overall I’m happy with the results. I will most likely need to do some retouching with Photoshop before I generate normal map. I will use ZMapper, which will let me create normal map from the bump map along with sampling normal map from the high poly model.

I plan to alter the model some more and try to nail down the likeness. I just hate that ZBrush doesn’t show model in perspective, which in turn makes the head look chubby. Maybe it will be more obvious who the model is when I give it a hat, a cigarette and a trench coat, or at least a proper suit with a tie.

Finally, I’d just like to note that I’ve been building high poly geometry for Town Hall, but I figured that I shouldn’t finalize assets at this point, because I really got no clue if I’m doing it the right way: UT2007 is not out and I don’t have examples to look at, and I’m not quite sure what would be good specs for textures and props.


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