Normalmapped Detective WIP

The update for my detective has been long overdue. That’s right, a whole couple of days I have those shiny new renders of high poly model that I didn’t get around to posting here yet. So behold:

High Res model, front and back



I’ve head half a dozen mental ray crashes until I was able to get the renders, because the scene has almost 6 million triangles, and I had to lower the settings considerably – hence bad rendering quality.

I have completed the low poly mesh over the weekend, UV mapped it and yesterday I spent the whole day baking maps. I baked normal, displacement (which I hope to use with JS edge displacer utility for rendering purposes), ambient occlusion (except for the coat, since it required three times as much memory as I have now), and some diffuse maps to get me started with coloring (it’s not that I’m lazy, but I already textured the buttons, so those maps actually help). And here are the viewport grabs of normalmapped model:


The texture for body is 2048*2048. Color and specular are being worked on, and the normal still needs some manual tweaks, as well as a more subtle texture that I’ll add with a filter (cloth pattern, small hand wrinkles and such). The texture for the head still needs some work, but I’ve uploaded it already to get some feedback from polycounters, so I might as well post the links here: color and specular.


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