Rose – Progress (Large Dump)

I haven’t updated FogLog in a long time again, but I did update Portfolio though. So this post is dedicated to showing my entire progress on Street Fighter Redesign challenge over at Polycount. So instead of simply redirecting you to my progress thread, I will show the images as I uploaded them. So here goes…

Start on the model (medium high poly):

Start on the dress, as seen on the concept from the previous post:

Side view in wireframe:

New concept, painted over the model.

Begun to work on high poly:

The gloves:

The dress:

The back side of the dress:

Head that I didn’t like:

Me in the princess dress on the New Years Eve (I had to find this photo, but figured there was no need to post it on the boards though, so here it is anyways):

The new head, resculpted from lowest level and up, using a proper photo references this time around:

Did some more work on the dress. All geometry is now in place:

And the back side:

Fixed the head, since formerly the back of the head was a bit collapsed:

The dress was feeling very blobby, so I decided to try to smooth it out. I added another level of subdivision for the two lowest sections, which allowed me to add finer wrinkles.

And the back side again:

And a side as well:

Started working on the jewelry:

Closeup (back):

Closeup (front):


Built low poly model:

Baked normal maps:

Started texturing:

Closeup to show how jewelry turned out, now that I have added alpha map:

Rigged and posed the character, and got close to finishing off the textures.

There was a suggestion to add secondary color to the dress, to make the bows pop out more, and I started experimenting with different combinations:

Here are some more variations:

And this is the final beauty render. I think I will make another post and just add the finals that were submitted.

I hope it was helpful to post the entire progress like this, as it shows the process I went through.


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