Anatomy study

I figured I should do one of the naked muscular dudes to get better with anatomy, so here goes the sculpt thus far:

He is only under 130k polies, so there’s plenty more details to be added later, but I kind of wanted to have a really decent human male model that I can use as a base for some more interesting designs.

By the way, I didn’t mention here that I started my job at EA Tiburon, and I’m living now in the sunny state of Florida. Now is the time of holiday break, so I’m using it to work on some stuff I wanted to do for a while, but didn’t have the chance yet. One of those is just practicing sculpting believable (accurate, hopefully) anatomy, so that I can move to more exaggerated forms that will still be believable, yet stylized.

I also bought RoboBlitz game to get a chance to play with UnrealEd 3 before UT2007 is out, so perhaps by the end of the break I will have something to show straight out of Unreal 3 engine – yay! The material editor is really great, it works similarly to Maya’s hypershade, with all the connections made between various nodes, and all represented clearly with boxes that represent nodes, and arrows that show connections. I already imported some of the textures I made for Shadowing Hate, and I noticed that there is reflection added to areas with higher level of specularity, which I thought was pretty neat. Although that didn’t quite show in the game, it looked great in the editor’s browser. However, I will have to experiment some more with material properties before I make a judgment, and I still can’t wait for UT2k7 to be released, as I think it will help a great deal to look into those great game assets and read hopefully available documentation so that I can prepare my models and textures to make better use of Unreal 3 technology.


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