WIP – Boaring!

During the extremely warm winter days (and it’s warm like in the middle of the summer, not sure whether it’s because I’m in Florida, or El Niño really messed the winter up) I somehow started participating in another Polycount challenge, themed Boaring! No, it’s not boring, you already thought I misspelled that, eh? At first, I didn’t think I would enter another challenge, now that I have UnrealEd3 to play with, and the holiday break was almost over, but then I started fooling around in 3D and I just modeled a fat lady pig in something like 2 hours. Then I let it sit for a while, and finally yesterday I unwrapped it and started texturing it, and now it seems like so much fun. I also drew up a quick concept sketch, but I don’t think it’s worth posting.

I am just posting the most recent texture WIP snapshot, and I’ll show wireframe when it’s all done (I have about hundred tris out of 2k left, and some texture space as well, and I will add some props):


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