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Sam 08

For the curious: this is my interpretation of Sam, from Sam and Twitch comic book. I have been working on this fella in the past several weeks in ZBrush, Silo and a little bit of Maya. I haven’t used any reference explicitly, but I looked at Ashley Wood’s amazing covers and comic book pages by Angel Medina for ideas and inspiration. I’ve built the low poly mesh, and I hope to UV it and bake textures hopefully sometime next week. Then off I go to start working on Twitch.



  1. stvarno jedan od boljih radova koje sam video… svaka cast na karakternim crtama i pogotovo kosi… ;)

    i moram da priznam da sam se bas smorio kad nisam video ni jedan kometar, tako da, eto, bar jedan…

  2. svaka cast, strasno je ispalo!
    Amazing model. Everything looks really good. Love the volumes on this one, eyes-brows and lips are great, cloth looks natural.
    Looking forward to the updates and seeing Twitch.

  3. Nice model. I like the shirt collar area and the hair. Would you mind sharing how you went about constructing the hair please? You got really nice volume in it.



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