Oh boy, it’s been a long while since the last post.

So I’m back with some 3D stuff to show. I’ve been exploring ornamentation and since today ornaments in architecture are fairly non-existent, I was wondering what if they were to come back in some classicism or, even better, rococo or baroque revival wave and if they were to inherit some of the motifs from the present and our everyday lives. Things that came to mind are various commodities, like iPods and big screen TVs game controllers and such, but those things are so plain design wise. So I looked at some more “ornate” things. What I ended up was money and drugs!

The first came up the one dollar bill, which in ornament form could work as picture frame (instead of Washington, insert your favorite celebrity), or a mirror frame.

And today I finished this capital, and I called the file PotColumn.ma (:


And a closeup of wire, click thumbnail for full size image:

Here’s also a gif showing some of the workflow:


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