One more daily sketch

Here’s the sketch I did last night for the CGTalk daily sketch forum. The theme was The Tourist and time limit for it was 45 minutes.

On a side note, I changed the theme for the FogLog today and I’m liking it much better now. The old black and orange theme got… well – old, so I had the urge to change things around. This theme is created by Pink & Yellow Media. I changed a few things around: added the display of custom fields and the corresponding styles in the main stylesheet, removed the display of child pages, added link to portfolio and made it so that the redirects to FogLog – no need for that splash page with links to everything that is already here. I also sized down a lot of the images that were larger than the width of content box so that they don’t overlap the sidebar menu if they appear on the top of the page. Cool thing is that the new version of Lightbox2 now automatically pops up when there is a link to an image from an image embedded in post, so I don’t have to manually add lightbox tags to images – SWEET!

I might change this theme further and add some graphics and color, but for now I’ll leave it as is. I hope you’ll like the new look.


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