Not just a head…

This guy has a body too… well, sort of partial for now.

I thought it was interesting to see how it all came to this, so I loaded my WIP files one by one and snapped the image of each, and then arranged them chronologically into this little movie:

It all started from zSpheres as one piece, then down the road I resurfaced it and chopped it up intu multiple meshes, and also added more pieces, such as epaulets and belts. The model went through a lot of proportion changes, and from cartoony to realistic. Medium low res models are then assembled in Maya, and the detail is brought back with displacement map. Some test renders should pop in here soonish.


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  1. Looks excellent, realistic so far. Great work on the clothing, the crimpling of the material. I wonder how those features would work when the mesh is animated, but does look wonderful in a static pose. Can’t wait to see him get some colour.

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