Post #100 :D

Otherwise, this would be called Yves Vol 2, since I wanted to show some progress on Yves. I have finally finished adding hair cards wooohoooooo. So here she comes now:

Here are some viewport grabs:

If you ask how long the hair took to make, I’d probably answer “FOREVER!!!” and I wouldn’t be lying by much. Yep, it’s built card by card, and the polycount is over 20k triangles; it is pretty low poly hair, kind of like in-game hair I’ve built for some of the games I worked on, but with way more cards. The hairstyle still needs some tuning and tweaking, both in terms of geometry and shading. It will get tessellated at rendertime with mental ray’s subD approximation so it will look smooth in final render. One thing that bugs me and I haven’t found the solution for it yet (but anyone reading this who might know the trick please let me know!) – when I render raytrace shadows with mental ray, regardless of method (simple, sorted or segments) I will always get fully transparent areas of cards to drop faint shadow, and I’d much more prefer if they would drop no shadow at all. This can be fixed in post and isn’t even noticeable when cast onto an object with SSS material that will disperse the edge of alpha cards – and of course soft shadows would totally take care of it – but the second render in this post (rendered originally in only 512 pixels square!) took over half an hour to complete because casting soft raytrace shadows through shitload of alpha cards takes forever. And I couldn’t even get depth map shadows to show up, let alone cast properly through alpha cards.

Yves is still awaiting to get her clothes, but dry-cleaning was closed this weekend, so perhaps one day…

To commemorate this jubilee post, Yves is now getting some company in form of a space policeman, who went mainstream last week and now hangs out on YouTube:

Here’s the render (which is by no means final, in fact, it is QUITE unfinished):

When they heard there’s some party and celebration going on FogLog, these guys here, especially the drunk lady and lovebug, decided it would be unforgivable if I were to leave them out, so here they come:




  1. Hugely inspirational stuff! Yves looks beautiful and delicious, and that’s some crazy Zbrushing going on. I’m in awe as always. :D

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