Character modeling workflows with zBrush and 3D Coat

Before this lovely year expires, I am going to try to add at least few more updates, to boost 2011 foglog postcount which will shamefully sit at only two after this post gets published. This year has been quite busy: I made lots of models at work, which I won’t be able to show for a while, but also had two side projects, one for EMP exhibit (see previous post) and one recently completed, a tutorial for Digital Tutors that features some of the workflows I’ve been using to create 3D models. You can hear all about it if you check out the free preview (the introductory video that goes over what I’ll be covering in this course) at digital tutors. And here is the final image of completed dancing girl model – it’s a decimated model rendered with mental ray and has a very simple setup with two area lights, and very gentle color adjustments in Photoshop.

I wish I could show this new character I’m working on, but alas, it will have to wait!



  1. Bojana this is my favorite tut so far!!
    so many useful informations and tips..

  2. I have a theory … women are always better in CG ;-) .this tutorial was really great . one of the best DT tuts I’ve ever seen . wish you best for you creative year ahead bojana

  3. Hi! I just watched your Digital Tutors tutorial (GREAT job, BTW!) and I looked at your website and portfolio! You’re awesome! I just wanted to encourage you, ha ha!

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