Learning C4D

Yet another forever went by, and now that my portfolio has been successfully updated and integrated into WordPress, it is now about time to add something new into this tumbleweed ridden blog. It just so happened that I got interested in learning Cinema 4D and last night I watched a really cool tutorial and made my version of the project:

Music is by Anoraak.
I am having a blast getting to know Cinema, it’s very nice tool, and it makes me wonder why I’ve been stuck with Autodesk for so long.

Oh, and if you’ve read the previous post and were wondering what’s up with this new character I was working on but couldn’t show off yet – just drop by the all new Photography section of my portfolio and take a look – third row! He’s the highest poly I’ve ever done, 9 months in production and still 10 days late. All pictures rendered with Canon EOS 7D, post done in Lightroom. The character’s name is Peđa and he has his own art blog since he was about 6 months old!


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