An art piece a day keeps tumbleweeds away

It was brought to my attention that the lack of updates on this, as I called it tumbleweed ridden blog have caused some worrisome thoughts to be experienced by those that occasionally drop by to see what’s up with me, and whether I am making any art. Oh yes I am, but I have simply lost the habit of letting the world know about it. My online presence has been completely minimal: I’ve deleted my facebook account two and a half years ago, I’m not broadcasting what I’m listening to on (that CBS all seeing eye is freaking me out, to be quite honest, so sorry CBS I will not let you know what’s the best music in the world, you’ll have to do some research on your own), I am only on Linked-In, but had only been updating my son’s thumblr page, as he has been more consistently producing art than I was. For the past three years, having made only about one post each year, I have absorbed so much great info from all over the internet, and I realize that it wouldn’t be possible if everyone else was to release one piece of information each year, but rather share it on daily basis, contributing to a growing pool of information and inspiration available to all. So it would only be fair that I give my share back to the community. There’s really nothing more detrimental to expanding knowledge and awareness among us humans than to adopt a form of self-censoring, which I’ve done in a way, afraid that this and that evil institution might harm me if I release the info, or that I won’t be able to get an industry job if I speak my mind freely. Well, I fear no more! I am going to share and share as much as I can, aiming to add at least 10 more posts by the end of the year. A true inspiration for this decision was Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, whose art I’ve discovered when I started learning Cinema4D, he has most awesome VJ loops and shares all his source file, what a treasure! Yesterday I found him featured on, talking about his philosophy behind everyday art he has been putting out for over 6 years. I just want to express how much I appreciate having him present on the internet in such abundantly inspirational, creative and motivational way – Thank you so much, Mr. Beeple! The stuff I’ll be posting will be a little different and with a lot more variety: not just drawings and 3D models, but also more photos, crafts, woodwork, designs, animations, videos, even hand knit sweaters. I hope to also create more tutorials, one of which will be designing a sweater in zBrush and PS, and creating a pattern to knit from – now that will be a project! It is actually half done and Yves from few posts ago is wearing preliminary design, she just needs some pants and shoes after that and I’m going to render her out. Anyway, I think it’s about time I stop to write about what I will be doing, and start doing it – the only time I can ever do anything is right now, so here goes discovery of the extrude filter, as applied to photo of my future sweater pattern:


And since I’ve mentioned a pattern for the future sweater, I have to show a pic, or it didn’t happen, yeah?


Coming up next is Yves with her hoodie, and to show the process I’ll link to a video capture of me creating trench coat for her in one hour.


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