Fir tree decorations made of birch

Decorating one tree with another?
But yes, why not? As my mom is do-it-yourself to the max, she figured wa can make fir tree decorations ourselves. We had a big dry birch tree cut and taken down this weekend, and she has cut a branch into about 1/4″ slices. I painted them white and then decoupaged them with variety of winter holiday themed napkins, finishing them up with some glitter and metallic acrylic paints, and gluing glittery yarn around each slice. I brushed clear polish on only one side of all the pieces, but then realized that it diminishes the variety of textures that the surface had originally, and especially the variety of specular highlights. I liked the contrast that matte surfaces had against the iridescent pearl-like glitter and gold metallic paint, so I left the other side alone. This is again a WIP, since I still need to drill the holes, put some thread or fancy yarn through and hang them on a tree, which we still don’t have… so update on this when it’s all done. If slideshow seems annoying, let me know – I am just exploring the idea of having this format as opposed to thumbnails + lightbox. Ah, so many WP plugins!


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