Knit hats for babies

I’ve made the purple hat for a cousin Dunja’s first birthday now in December, the navy one with red border is for my son who also got a matching sweater. Dark blue and green one I’ve just finished today also for my son. He doesn’t like wearing the first one because it might be a bit scratchy, and this new one is softer, made of wool, cashmere and bit of acrylic. I used some patterns for those, but ended up doing them differently. I figured I can’t rely on patterns much anyway, because the yarn I want to use never matches the one shown on the pattern, so I end up having to recalculate everything. I’ve knit three more sweaters this winter and made a pattern for one of them from scratch, along with fill patterns for Photoshop, and I’ll have that added to downloads along with maybe a tutorial on making the sweater patterns in Photoshop… and in zBrush?!

IMG_8908 IMG_9165 IMG_9167



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