Back in 2011 we’ve been hearing stories about insane FDA raids on organic farmers and stores, where the agents would come in and seize raw milk and bunch of other organic produce, even though there was nothing wrong with it other than competing with established food industry backed by FDA’s buddies over at Monsatan. If that was too outrageous, why not make a law or regulation, or as they like to call it – bill! – that will make it illegal, so those bastards growing healthy food shall perish. So the alphabet boys had to come in and show who’s the boss, and have some practice of their intimidation techniques alongside the (they don’t know) S.Q.U.A.T. units of measure enforcement o.O… So anyway, I thought that big pharma wouldn’t be big pharma if they didn’t come up with just the right solution for the farmers whose milk has been seized: Lactocefaflex! You really need to stretch out and flex your brains to figure how the hell that happened! I started doing it as a full blown 3D illustration after the sketch, but have lost interest in turning it into a polished, finished piece. It won’t be forgotten, however, now that it has found its place in a daily post. Of course, the concept wouldn’t be complete without the looming doom of Fukushima nuclear disaster seen in the background – almost out of sight but still sprinkling both healthy and GMO death food with a bit of all nuclear spices, from Cesium, Iodine and Strontium, to the few atoms of Plutonium here and there, for a good measure.




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