Trench in one hour and hoodie in a couple

So here’s the little timelapse of creating a trench coat for this female character I’ve made over three years ago, loosely based on top model Omahyra Mota. I made her pretty much to dress her up, akin to Barbie dolls I’ve had as a kid, loving to create clothes for them from leftover fabric. The aim here is to accomplish all of the following: fashion design, modeling, posing, lighting, rendering, post processing, and as end result end up with what looks like avant garde fashion photography. Anyway, here’s the video capture of my process of creating the trench coat in zBrush and 3D Coat that I’ve recorded to show at 3D Coat workshop I’ve held at the studio at Monolith / WB Games nearly 3 years ago. It shows a workflow I use to very quickly create models with UV coordinates using zBrush and 3D Coat’s autoretopology. Now, this is possible to do without going to 3D Coat, because zBrush has had in past two releases its own autoretopology which got really good with last release also allowing sketching in the edgeloop flows, and UVs could also be done in zBrush. Here’s the video, click to watch in new tab:


And here is Yves with roughed in hoodie sweater that has no detailing so far, and textures will change once I make up my mind on which patterns and colors to use. But I figured with these daily posts of what I’m working on, I will rather try to present a WIP in a form of a final image (meaning it had its fair share of post processing and looks nicer than when it came out of viewport or render), rather than keep posting WIP after WIP and all of it looks like crap because it’s not finished and is taken as is from viewport or preview render.


Yves has gone through some tweaks in the past few months, I’ve actually resculpted the body, hands and face, and have done some card adjustments and texture tweaks on the hair as well. In addition, I’ve built a skeleton and bound all geometry to it, but still need to adjust the weights in few spots before I’ll feel comfortable posing her. The idea is to get the pose in Maya, but then before rendering take posed geometry in zBrush and do the tweaks, so that all deformations look good, and the fabric folds look natural for the pose.


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