Decoupaged crates and barrels

Before I’ve decided to paint the crate, I was contemplating decoupage, simply because we have so many beautiful napkins to glue onto any container. I’ve done decoupage on a shoebox, and on two Nestle coffee cans that are used to hold my son’s colored pencils and some of my junk. On the coffee cans I used printed out photos that were stuck onto a can with fresh paint on it, and after half a day of drying I’d wet the paper and roll it off. The print didn’t flawlessly transfer onto the can; there are some spots where it looks like it came off. It is because the paper with printout didn’t completely stick onto a wet paint and so the pigment, or should I say black laser toner, is missing in those spots. On the colorful can with my son’s pencils, I actually didn’t peel away the paper, rather I glued it with its edges thinned (made wet and then rolled the paper off with my fingers) and it worked just fine especially with napkins glued all around it and some paint added to fill the holes. Either way, doing my own design is way more fun than cutting and pasting, although that form of art also has its charms.

IMG_9387 IMG_8624 IMG_8626


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