Fruit bowl

This is one of the few paintings I’ve done on a Cintiq – turns out for two years I owned it, I didn’t use it all that much, because hanging out with my man was way more exciting. I am now actually enjoying using Intuos4, because it’s easy to move out of the way and keep in a lap, and feels more like sketchbook than big canvas that Cintiq 24″HD was, taking over entire approachable portion of my huge desk with barely a space for a mouse on the side – oh, but I still loved you, Cintiq! Now with the tablet computer version of it finally available, that’s something I might look into getting, for that was what I always wanted from Wacom, although it being more expensive than 24HD was, I might look into other options, which are these days plentiful anyway.



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  1. Nice work! I wish I could paint/Draw! My intuos 4 has served me well! Anything larger isn’t needed unless you are drawing and painting like you are in this image.

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