Macro photography

Not a real macro, for I didn’t have real macro lens, but rather used the tube extensions which gave similar effects. These were shot on October 11th, and I’ve got two more macro shoots that I’ll post on days when I have nothing else to show :) OK, if I must give an excuse – today I was prepping and old wooden chest for refurbishing, and even though I took some pictures of it, the WIP is so early that I just don’t think there’s point of showing cracks in wood and paint being covered in wood putty and inside being washed – but if you can imagine mouse piss odor, that will give you a more complete picture of the state this old chest was in. So – macro shots from around the house:

IMG_8480 IMG_8430 IMG_8438

IMG_8470 IMG_8457 IMG_8475

IMG_8435 IMG_8431 IMG_8444


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