Mandala box done

Done two days ago, but I always miss to photograph it during the day on natural light, hence I had to deal with flash + yellow light of a tungsten bulb, but Lightroom helped to get white balance to a better place. The side of the box wasn’t the easiest thing to paint, because, as opposed to fairly smooth lid, the body of the box had too much wood grain texture so that the border between areas of different color weren’t well or precisely defined, prompting me to add what is called dimensional or contour paint as an outline, or the strokes usually painted with the applicator tip directly out of the tube or container. There’s a golden contour paint that I used on the lid to add some details that just works so damn nice, it produces even, thin lines and is just great. My son even thought the label sticker was so tasty on it, he chewed half of it off.






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