Toybox – Part I

The aim of this little project is to refurbish an old wooden chest and turn it into a toybox for the little prince. I’d love him to have a really neat storage unit for his treasure. The chest was in pretty bad shape, so I started off with thorough cleaning. Then, after sanding off some of the chipped paint, I applied wood putty to fill up the holes. After my son examined and OK-ed the chest, I’ve done my second round of sanding and rounded out all the corners.

IMG_9245 IMG_9249 IMG_9252

A few detail shots:

IMG_9253 IMG_9254 IMG_9256

Taking an opportunity while my son is asleep, I painted the inside in brown, wondering what to do with the lid. I wanted to do stencil circles, as I seem to really enjoy geometric patterns, and as I wondered what to do about the stencil, my gaze drifted around the room and stumbled upon a lid of a plastic box that used to house earbuds, had a clear plastic circle in the middle and gray plastic around it – voila! Popped the clear plastic cap out, and figured I can use it as a stencil. Its diameter is exactly 5cm, so I thought the size was just right and I can use it to build up a grid, which I did. As you can see on the third shot below, I’ve made a grid such that there are two circle widths around the interior rectangle, which is 3 circles tall and 6 circles wide (15x30cm) and I masked that with masking tape and painted the rest of the top of the lid white, essentially covering up the grid I drew originally.

Coming up next – drawing that again!

IMG_9260 IMG_9270 IMG_9272

IMG_9275 IMG_9274


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