Fogmann, FogLog and me

Even though this is totally irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, for continuity’s sake I figured I ought to mention a few changes that just took place on this blog. Firstly, I made an attempt to reorganize categories and make room for the upcoming prose part of the blog, but I imagine some juggling around will still be needed. Secondly, I changed the tagline from Production Journal to Art and musings by Bojana Nedeljkovic, figuring I might as well put my name in a prominent spot, thus reinforcing my desire to say that this is me, and this is what I really want to say,  instead of hiding behind a pseudonym and not even saying much at all.

What is Fogmann anyway? Where did it come from? I did own domain before this one, but decided that it wasn’t sounding very professional. Since I needed a website for portfolio, I added an extra n to Fogman – just one of the names my ex husband called me – aiming to produce the effect of Pendel and Braithwaite in the life of The Tailor of Panama, where this name, made up to sound like a trustworthy name for a business, was used to establish tailor’s identity. To me, Fogmann sounded like a Germanic last name, which when coupled with words like Productions or Studio, will make the whole ordeal seem oh so professional. On the other hand, it is also implying my liking for fog, which by obscuring adds much depth, and in a way symbolizes the journey along the path to knowing – the things emerge from the fog only when you’re moving through it. For this reason I decided to let the name stick around, and look at FogLog as a means to have my understanding emerge from the fog of unformulated, abstract thoughts. In essence, my goal is to learn by sharing my ideas and findings, and deepen my understanding of those findings by virtue of formulating the concepts in such a way that is accessible to hopefully everyone.


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