New sketchbook


In the cool shade of thyme and sage sits my new sketchbook and seems to indicate to me that scanning the drawings was bad idea. Is the look of an image more important, or is it its accuracy in showing off the subject? I understand, people would be upset if they got a print of Monet’s painting as it was photographed in the shade of a palm tree, but that’s another situation altogether.

While my intellect desperately struggles to provide an acceptable and all around agreeable explanation (or plain and simple  – an excuse) for a simple decision to show the first page of my sketchbook in this setting, my more gentle side just notes that although my scribbles might pale in comparison to Monet, they are still quite pleasurable for me to create. I was previously focused on elaborate mandalas, as evidenced in the most recent posts (from two years ago!), it all evolved into plant-like flowing designs when I began painting on glass. More on that later; this post is intended as an introduction to kinds of subjects that might be flowing into these posts – all to some extent related to The Work – personal transformation, which begins self observation and  getting to know how this human machine functions and how to operate it. Even though this is not something that is talked about or shared with friends, I hope to only reach those who are on the same or similar path, or are looking for one and could benefit from information. Thanks to the deities of discovery who in today’s age have to be the search engines, this information shouldn’t be too hard to be found by those who seek it and completely missed by mostly everyone else. I can’t feel too bad for disappointing any of my previous site visitors by changing gears and putting out techniques that might aid in personal transformation, as opposed to tutorials for transformation of geometry using Autodesk Maya’s transformation tools. In yet another words, I shall no longer hang onto my old online persona / presence with bad idea that this blog should continue on in the same way as it has been going for over a decade, and instead rediscover my(true)self in the process of getting rid of all the aspects of my fake self that no longer hold any value for me or anyone else around me. I have surely noticed that I need to question everything, but my own motives first and foremost. And although I had more than just that one reason for not focusing my attention on regular blog posts, I sure as hell hope to be done with obsessing about blog’s continuity and the fear of speaking my mind freely… and most importantly, I hope that I am finally done feeling like a total beginner, a n00b, in this field and enlist a belief (until it becomes experience verified knowledge at last) that I too might have something of value to offer.

I have many more of my creations to photograph and post, and the idea is to post them alongside my observations, as well as things I have learned from various talks and lectures I love listening to while drawing, painting or crocheting. Even though too much time has passed for me to remember what exactly I was listening to while I was drawing these things (I started this sketchbook in April), perhaps I will catch up with posts, and post new things and new ideas as they come up.



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