4 Rooms

2003 Vegas, After Effects
Perhaps it was a silly idea to classify movie clips as video and animation. In another words, it’s all mixed together, but stuff in this section contains mostly video. 4 rooms project was a fun one to do, and my first use of blue screen (for the title sequence). Unfortunately, it was home-made, so that a lot of matte cutting had to be performed afterwards… Ivana did a great job with lip sync part. Audio is the original track from the film 4 Rooms.
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Duende Ad

2004 Vegas, After Effects, Maya
An ad for imaginary device which translates figures of speech into plain English.
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Fogmann’s House Special

2002 Vegas
Just a little instructional video for all you chicken lovers. The concoction is one of my inventions that came about when we were all tired of stir-fry and so I wanted to make something else with similar ingredients. Tasty!
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