DemoReel 2004

2004 After Effects
This is a DemoReel created in my Senior Studio class back at VCU.
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Extra Features

2003 Maya, Photoshop, After Effects
A supplemental material to accompany imaginary movie on DVD edition. Extra Features were screened in juried Student Show in Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA. The juror was Steve Seid, the Video Curator for the Pacific Film Archive. Also, Semi Ryu showed this piece at the university in Seoul, Korea.
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2004 Softimage XSI
A collaboration with Andy Wilkinson and Jake Reymor in Computer Graphics III course. Andy made a purgatory guy, Jake made the dude from hell and I did the work for heaven girl. Animation part was pretty much divided the same way.
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Duende Remake

2004 Maya, After Effects, Vegas
A first attempt at motion graphics. This piece was screened at Senior Show, April 2004 in VCU Fine Arts building. Perhaps this clip will be reused in my other project as a video beam advertisement.
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Just a Little Film

2005 After Effects, Painter
Part of this animation was drawn on paper (frog turning into umbrella), and some is painted frame-by-frame in Painter.
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Happy 4th

2005 Painter, After Effects
This one was created as a frame by frame doodle paint in After Effects and Painter.

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2003 Flash
A silly little Fash animation. The beauty of working with random pieces of dialogue is that you never know how is the animation going to turn out.
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2001 Maya
My first animation in Maya that had nothing to do with tutorials and excercizes.
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