TerraNova Website

I created several layouts for Terranova website, which I am showing here.

The idea was to create appealing and clean presentation of company’s services and products, that reflects the personality of the company and existing designs, such as logo.


Breeding Construction Website

This website featured an extensive gallery of project photographs, as well as Flash movie on the main page, which showed the entire process of covering the flat roof in a form of slide-show. The website can be seen here, and the snapshot here.

Fogmann v1

Fogmann v1.0

Fogmann v1.0 has been up since summer 2004. I was experimenting with interface design, and came up with a website that might require a bit of thinking to navigate. I realized this isn’t a good solution for showing off my work to people who might want to hire me, so I designed v2.0, read below. Also, I learned that frames are not very good idea. This version is still available, although some pages are no longer there, be advised. And here is the snapshot.

Fogmann v2.0

Fogmann v2.0

The idea for this version of the site was to have very comprehensive layout, with breadcrumb links on the top, and all the links repeated on the bottom, so that a visitor can easily get to any page. This version slowly emerged into the current one, and exists intact only in my backup.


BoA Website

Best of America {BoA} gaming clan website

This website was designed back in 2002 for the Unreal Tournament clan I was a member of, but it had the unfortune of soon becoming a website of non-existing clan – the {BoA} clan has split up soon after the site was up. It still brings back memories, though. Snapshot >>


Children of the 1337 – Valentine’s Greeting card

Childred of teh 1337 came about as a silly little Valentine’s card, and ended up as a page in FogZine. I hope to make some more of these, it’s just so much fun. Check it out.



For now there is only first issue available, but I’ve been secretly building some content for Issue 2. Shhh, just wait and see! Anyway, here it is the Issue 1.

Logos etc…


In my so far very brief career, I have made some logos too. The ones you see on the left are made for, a gallery that exhibits very unique crochet jewelry. The JewelLace logo below is made for their eBay and Etsy stores. The idea was to create something as elegant as the jewelry, and for the graphic part I used the motif that is often seen in crochet patterns of which the jewelry is made.

Finally, there is my own Fogmann logo. It came about almost by accident. I was experimenting with the text and changed the shapes of F and G to make them more stylized, and all of a sudden an oval face appeared!

Further down is a little poster I made and it’s inspired by sore tongue that started hurting because of the excessive amounts of sunflower seeds I was chewing, like Mr. Fox Moulder :)

White Rabbit, at last, is a logo for the pills of the same name, and they make you feel like in the Jefferson Airplane song. No, they are not real pills, they are just a “power up” in the game.

Sunflowers Rabbit