Oma’s Plates Brush Set

While browsing the photos from my trip to Serbia, I noticed some cool patterns on the ceramic plates that were hanging on the walls in my granny’s house. I created the brush tip from the three different plates and played around with brush settings to create brush set that is fun to use for painting. Here is the contact sheet:


Female and Male UV-ed Base Mesh for Sculpting

The zip file, available from the link below, contains two .obj polygon models. The eyeballs, mouth bag and teeth are not included. Resurfacing might become necessary at some point, especially if you want to animate your model, but these meshes will do the trick in the sculpting phase. Also, all the UVs are on one sheet, which might not be the best solution for every situation. Modify these meshes without any risk – you can always download them again if you screw up ;)


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